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En Vue Personnel is comprised of a group of entrepreneurs and was created to provide turnkey support services to employers in any field of activity! The labor shortage has never been so acute and thanks to immigration programs, our own businesses have continued to be successful and have experienced great growth in recent years!

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Our Sales Team

Hélène MacDonald

Business Development - Retail Sector

Ms. MacDonald has always worked in the food, restaurant and retail industries. Her experience and numerous successes are largely due to her listening skills, professionalism and creativity. She understands the reality of today’s pressing labour needs. Ms. MacDonald will be able to guide and enlighten you in your needs for qualified workers with the help of temporary foreign workers.

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Alexandra Bélanger Benavides

Sales Advisor

Ms. Bélanger Benavides holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Development and Globalization and a Master’s degree in Conflict Studies. She is also an accredited mediator. Coming from a Mexican immigrant mother who has integrated seamlessly into Quebec society, Ms. Benavides sees the potential for En Vue Personnel to make a difference, not only in the lives of temporary foreign workers, but also in the businesses here. Ms. Benavides gravitates towards win-win transactions. The increase of foreign workers is a way to contribute to the collective wealth of the Quebec and Canadian economy.

Ms. Benavides is available to provide you with clear advice tailored to your needs.

Jonathan Hébert

Sales representative

Meet an extraordinary person with over 20 years’ experience in aviation. His insatiable curiosity has taken him to many corners of the globe. His many travels have not only enriched his understanding of different cultures, but have also provided him with invaluable information about the world’s needs and potentials.

His thirst for learning and understanding serves as his guiding compass, driving him to constantly seek out new knowledge and experience. With a keen eye for detail and a keen sense of observation, he effortlessly identifies areas of untapped need or potential. A natural inclination towards problem-solving makes him an invaluable resource. He has the ability to imagine innovative solutions and anticipate future trends, paving the way for growth and progress.

In addition to his professional expertise, his empathetic nature fosters fruitful relationships and collaborations.

Our Operations Team

Barbara Mendoza

Immigration Assistant

Ms. Barbara Mendoza always shows great diligence and attention to detail. Since she started with the En Vue Personnel team, she has been professional, efficient and above all, she is committed to the success of each case she takes on!

Mayra Abdo

Immigration Assistant

Ms. Abdo is creative, professional and always detail oriented. Ms. Abdo has extensive experience in administrative management, customer service and human resources. She manages her time efficiently and is able to multitask.

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